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I’ll go to the Enemy on the iron throne
across the stone desert to the ruler of the night
Tear the Silmaril from his crown.

From doom there’s no escape
How could I have thought it?
It is a ruinous thought
The curse comes back to haunt us

You are neglectful, sire.
You live your endless life in happiness
Here is your ring, a useless gift
If you will not stir yourself to help me

Me, pausing to tear out hair: Why, Luthien, why? You could do so much better. Or if you absolutely must have Beren, *why* did you let him go first???



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22nd Feb, 2016 05:41 (UTC)
The whole "several-thousand-year-old person falls for human" idea is fairly inexplicable (though madly popular in some genres of romance). Though in Tolkien's case one can at least argue that Beren, Tuor and Aragorn were all demonstrably quite extraordinary people (I do rather see Beren as an even more insane version of Bear Ghrylls). The fanfic "The Leithian Script" probably does the best job of anyone I've ever seen of explaining Luthien and Beren.

22nd Feb, 2016 08:28 (UTC)
I am happier with Aragorn and Arwen - partly because Arwen isn't really seen to do much, so with them it's really only the age gap - and with Tuor and Idril.

Luthien though... I suppose it's partly a lack of sympathy with starcrossed lovers (Tristran and Isolde, I'm looking at YOU) but also the power differential.

Beren is a bloke who can find his own food in the woods. Luthien is a woman who can walk up to Sauron in his stronghold *and win*. And then do it again to Melkor, just in case we thought there was some sort of mistake the first time. Oh yes, and then she talks Mandos into doing exactly what she wants, for an encore.

That bit where Gandalf says to Elrond 'even if you chose for us an elf-lord such as Glorfindel, he could not open the way to the fire by the power that is in him' there's practically a hidden clause there: 'no, because THAT'S LUTHIEN. LUTHIEN DOES THAT.' :-D

Given that, it just seems a bit inexplicable that she lets Beren just walk away into danger, and it makes Finrod's sacrifice seem a bit frustrating, somehow. When they are all in prison being eaten by werewolves, I am mentally shouting at Luthien: GET A WIGGLE ON WOMAN! :-D

Maybe Luthien is a procrastinator, maybe that's the attraction. Beren gets her organised and out of the door :-D
23rd Feb, 2016 03:50 (UTC)
Beren also spent about ten years in the woods alone fighting the forces of Morgoth solo, extremely successfully.
23rd Feb, 2016 09:11 (UTC)
Well, he doesn't get caught. Counts as a feat, fair does.

But he has the advantage of the land, and catching a single guerrilla fighter on his home ground is notoriously difficult...
23rd Feb, 2016 10:16 (UTC)
There's at least one version where he actually manages to wound Sauron with an arrow. And orcs make a point of trying not to find him because they're scared.
23rd Feb, 2016 11:56 (UTC)
Oh all right, I admit it.

My attitude to Beren is just a bit Feanorian. :-D
24th Feb, 2016 03:58 (UTC)
I admit that I didn't think much about him either, until I read the fic.
22nd Feb, 2016 08:28 (UTC)
.. I'll have to look at "The Leithian Script" and see if that's a better explanation, thanks for the recommendation!
23rd Feb, 2016 03:46 (UTC)
Author is "Philosopher At Large"
23rd Feb, 2016 13:02 (UTC)
Blimey, it's a monster! Maybe next time I have a long train ride.
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