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Just on the offchance

I don't suppose any of my Tolksoc member friends happen to know of an English translation of the lyrics of Finrod's Song by Temple?

I saw it linked by hhimring, and I really like it*, slightly dodgy 2001 special effects, and dubious sound notwithstanding, but my Russian is non-existent (although this does mean I can make it seem more authentic by pretending they are all singing in Quenya).

It occurred to me that, in the vein of sally_maria's icon where the Tolkien society has no sleep and needs no sleep,  if such a translation exists and is out there somewhere, they probably know about it.  :-D

*My Feanorian roleplaying character disapproves of it, although I think even he is a bit amused by the portrayal of sulky enormous Thingol in his flowery wreath. 



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17th Feb, 2016 20:33 (UTC)

The Russian fan I know best is getting married on Saturday, so probably not the best time to ask, but I'll ask around. :-)
17th Feb, 2016 21:03 (UTC)
Well, no rush! but much appreciated.
17th Feb, 2016 23:14 (UTC)
I'd be curious to read a translation as well. *tracks post*

If no such item exists, I intended to eventually try and locate the script and/or lyrics in the original Russian* and read it via google translate. This would not be the first time I've done this. *is possibly slightly mad*

*Eventually. Grad school is currently leaving little time for any other sort of existence.
17th Feb, 2016 23:49 (UTC)
I found a Russian version of just the duel, if you want it, but I couldn't make much sense of the Google translate version, there are bits that definitely need human intelligence applied!
17th Feb, 2016 23:56 (UTC)
Yes please! Google translate is awkward and clumsy, but better than nothing, and I can frequently guess where it's going wrong and supply a better translation in my brain.

(And, to be fair, Google translate has helped me immensely with Russian, as it is able to: guess how Roman characters might transliterate to Cyrillic ones; say words aloud; and offer different alternative translations for the same word/phrase.)
18th Feb, 2016 08:59 (UTC)
OK, I had just slapped it into a private LJ post to look at later, but I just made it flocked instead : http://bunn.livejournal.com/500149.html

I agree, you can often get a long way with Google translate if you are prepared to think around it. I expect you'll it more easily than me since you have more of the language.
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