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Not-so-mighty oaks and lurchers

Oak tree on top of Kit Hill, 1095ish feet up in the sky.  He is perhaps two feet tall, and has a definite air of clinging on by his toenails.  This must be at the limit of what an oak can survive

And more oak trees on the top of Cadsonbury hill fort, just 350 feet up.  You can walk under them and only have to duck a bit.

Brythen being a very good dog and staying by my side, even though Rosie was off hunting rabbits.

I didn't even bother calling her, there is no point when she has that look in her eyes, she can't hear, or won't.

People ask me, why does Brythen wear a bell.  Without the red harness and the bell, Brythen is very nearly the Invisible Dog.  He runs at speed on silent brindly feet through the tiny trees, and when he stands still he looks like treetrunks.

Being good again, and pointing me to the location of the Iniquitous Saluki half way down the hill with her nose in a burrow.   Sometimes he even does the pointer thing, and points with his nose down and one foot raised to show me where she has gone.   He's not *always* right, but his accuracy is improving.   I can barely believe how loyal and reliable he is becoming.

Technically this is a terrible photo, but emotionally it is brilliant.  This is Rosie in a world full of rabbits,  noticing that I am not there, and coming running to find me.

Where did you go?  Where did you go?  I FOUND YOU!  she says desperately, as if I had deliberately hidden,  ignoring completely the fact that she took off at speeds I could not hope to match down a hillside that would probably have killed me if I had tried to navigate it with my absurd inadequate human feet.  

It's still very on and off,  Rosie's recall.  But I've had this with all of them, specially Brythen.

At first they are kind of OK offlead and do recall like the dog behaviour books say it's supposed to work.   And then they find their wings and they realise that if they want to run and run, no human agency can possible stop them. And there is nothing they want more than running and hunting, and yes, they very much DO know if they are on a longline or not.

But eventually they decide if they want to be dogs and keep a human.  So far, all of mine have decided to be dogs.

She was not keen to come home, and required considerable persuasion to leave the sunshine and the bunnies behind.


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16th Feb, 2016 16:00 (UTC)
I love reading your adventures. It amazes me how fast cats and dogs can run. Ursain Bolt would look like a snail beside them!
16th Feb, 2016 16:59 (UTC)
I believe Usain Bolt can muster a measly 23mph over 100m on a flat surface. I have not timed Rosie Roo, but I suspect she'd consider that to be 'strolling', even though she's nothing like as fast as a greyhound.

I bet even Bolt would find himself hampered running sideways through bushes at a more than 45% angle. Humans are comically slow animals :-D
16th Feb, 2016 20:08 (UTC)
IIRC greyhounds, deer, and hares have all been clocked at 44mph, give or take.

Mr Bolt has reached nearly 28mph between the 60th and 80th metres.
16th Feb, 2016 16:37 (UTC)
But why, human, don't you share in the joy of running at speed after rabbits? There is no greater fun in the whole world.
18th Feb, 2016 09:24 (UTC)
If I had her legs and physique, I'm sure it would be a delight to join in! Humans are clumsy things.
16th Feb, 2016 17:02 (UTC)
I love all the photos, and especially the last one. So dignified, so self-possessed.
18th Feb, 2016 09:23 (UTC)
... so OBSTINATE. :-D
16th Feb, 2016 17:57 (UTC)
Coo. Bonsai oaks!

Wonderful hounds-in-sunshine pictures. I see what you mean about Brythen's near invisibility. And I thought spotting a brown spaniel in brown heather was difficult...

18th Feb, 2016 09:26 (UTC)
It would be easier if he even had a white tail-tip, but he's 100% camouflage! It's SUCH a good thing his recall has improved. It used to be that he could be standing 10 feet away and I might not be able to see him, at least now I can call and make him move and lose his chameleon-like powers!
16th Feb, 2016 18:30 (UTC)
The last photo is awesome.
18th Feb, 2016 01:11 (UTC)
Now that you mention it, Brythen does kind of look dismayingly similar to small treetrunks--especially, I'd imagine, from a distance.

The tiny oak is awesome, I'm rooting (no pun intended) for it.
18th Feb, 2016 08:30 (UTC)
The top oak tree looks like a guy with a toupee on, desperately trying to hang on to it in a high wind. The Cadsonbury hill fort pic looks like a glorious walk, wonderful pic, makes me yearn to be there. It has a magical air: very Tolkien.

And Rosie (?) looks adorable in that last photo. Simultaneously noble and daft.
18th Feb, 2016 09:30 (UTC)
Yes, that's Rosie. She is Rosie because of her pink nose. Brythen is brindle. Unimaginative Dog Names R Us. :-D
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