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Walking from Mist to Sun

It was cold and foggy on the river this morning, just past high tide.  The river had left mud and reeds all over the road and we had to pick our way around the edges past the entrance to the yard where the racing gigs live.   With many photos...

Everything mist and dark shadows. Brythen shivered, and I wondered if I should have brought gloves.

We climbed up away from the gloomy river and emerged like some strange river-dwelling insect into sunlight!

I took a route I've not walked before, and found this house with its brilliant chimneys.

I didn't want to go back down to the cold fog, so we kept climbing, and eventually found out where we were.   Bothetherick Farm!

The Spaniels of Bohetherick Farm heard us passing and came hurtling out to yell at us.  Rosie wanted to yell back, but fortunately the spaniels stayed on top of their wall, which she found reassuring so she did not get too upset.

We could actually have taken the Permissive Path around the back of this farm back to where we had started, I later discovered, when I got a chance to check the map.

 But the Permissive Path is so Politely Permissive that it has no sign to indicate that it is, in fact, Permissive, rather than being the kind of path that takes you to someone's house, or a gate with an angry sign saying PRIVATE, so I didn't go that way.  Maybe another day.

More of Bohetherick: Bohetherick Green, this time.  I love the way these buildings are half-buried in the ground, as if they are snuggled into it like a blanket.
I was a bit confused about where we were at this point,  so I was delighted to come to this rather lovely crossroads.  Unfortunately, there was no arrow pointing in the direction that I was fairly sure was the right way, so I had to gamble.

Oh dear, dogs.  I do hope this IS the right way. I don't fancy having to go back up this hill again.

YAY!  It was the right way!  We found our way back to Boar's Bridge!  We know where Boar's Bridge is!

And what's more, the fog is clearing...

The weir still looks a bit chilly.

But by the time we got back to the Tamar, it was really quite warm.

We got home at last, and once I had got my boots off,  I found the hounds forming a queue (with a chorus of supporting toys) in the only available sunbeam.


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12th Feb, 2016 08:18 (UTC)
How lovely!
(I also like your Random Mines series a lot.)
12th Feb, 2016 13:34 (UTC)
Now I think about it, this walk was remarkably mine-free by local standards. I guess the lodes must run around it: normally it's hard to escape the nineteenth century, but this was all market gardening and medieval...
12th Feb, 2016 09:36 (UTC)
Glorious pictures of your walk. I can't say I blame your dogs for lying in the sunbeam.
12th Feb, 2016 19:03 (UTC)
It was a great relief that they were prepared to relax for a bit. Often they want to celebrate the end of a long walk with much gallumphing, which can be rather disheartening!
12th Feb, 2016 10:41 (UTC)
12th Feb, 2016 16:10 (UTC)
Very atmospheric photos. Super cute dogs!
12th Feb, 2016 17:46 (UTC)
What a beautiful walk! Fabulous misty photos.

And I love the Spaniels of Bohetherick Farm patrolling their defenses!

13th Feb, 2016 08:51 (UTC)
Bothetherick Farm! What an ace name. I keep thinking of Bother-Baldrick Farm, now... and The Spaniels of Bohetherick Farms sound like they should belong to the Starlight Barking, out yelling their heads off for Pongo and Perdy and the puppies at twilight.

Oh, I love Permissive Paths. And Permissive Stiles, which I generally refer to as Slutty Gates. The shot with the sunlight through the trees is especially lovely and fairylike.

Your dogs are absolutely lovely, such aristocrats!
16th Feb, 2016 08:57 (UTC)
Hmm, Brythen (the brindle one, Brythen is Brindle in Cornish) may look aristocratic but he's definitely a wrong side of the blanket kind of aristocrat.

He's saluki/greyhound one side, but the other side is a very random peasanty mix. :-D
15th Feb, 2016 02:06 (UTC)
Gorgeous photos! The scenery is so different to near me, it seems magical.
16th Feb, 2016 09:00 (UTC)
Oh, you're in Australia! I hadn't realised. You have a Tamar Valley down there too, don't you? I'm glad you enjoyed the photos of our version!
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