bunn (bunn) wrote,

Running down the hill

This evening  as I walked through the village, the sky was an almost cloudless blue, with just a thin sliver of the new moon showing above the mine chimney on the hilltop.  The first evening stars were just beginning to show.

A car came down the hill behind me and the driver waved in a friendly manner,  to show that she was going to take the driveway just ahead, so I broke into a run so as not to hold her up. Running was fun, so I ran faster and faster, until I was running down the hill madly, as fast as I can run in wellington boots, with Brythen bounding delightedly ahead of me.

Rosie did not bound.  She did not run at all.  She simply gave me a look from her enormous range of unimpressed looks, and walked a bit faster.  Her fast walk is still faster than my fastest run... 
Tags: lurchers, sarcastic saluki, walks
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