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Miniature stories

Pp posted some more of his miniatures, but as he's mostly concerned with showing off his painting, he didn't use the ones I liked best when I was playing with them.

So, here is an undocumented moment from A Song of Ice and Fire, when the Hound has to defend himself desperately from the fearful magic of Some Druid Guy.

The crocosmia in the background makes a nice Whirly Magic effect.

A zombie Adventurer and priest from the Land of Vividly Overdressed have summoned up Lady Whose Dress is Falling Off.  LWDFO is magnificently unconcerned by the situation, and you can just tell she is going to waltz in to the Land of Vividly Overdressed and seize the throne.    She may have a couple of minor disabilities (that wrist looks particularly alarming, but I imagine people stare more at the deformed nose) but she just doesn't care.

Here, Pouty Blue Guy is attacking Jaime Lannister, who is defending the Folks on the Hill.  Jaime is grinning slightly, he's feeling pretty confident.

Pouty blue guy goes in for the attack and is thrown back!  Jaime is still confident he's going to win.

Oh!  but Pouty Blue Guy has managed to gasp out some evidence that reveals the dreadful truth about the appalling machinations of the Folks on the Hill.  Jaime has switched sides, and is grimly amused by the consternation this has caused the two bowpeople.

As the swordsmen go in for the attack,  Black Haired Guy is still hoping to argue his way out of the situation, but Bosomy Bow-woman is preparing to sell her life dearly.
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