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Miniature stories

Pp posted some more of his miniatures, but as he's mostly concerned with showing off his painting, he didn't use the ones I liked best when I was playing with them.

So, here is an undocumented moment from A Song of Ice and Fire, when the Hound has to defend himself desperately from the fearful magic of Some Druid Guy.

The crocosmia in the background makes a nice Whirly Magic effect.

A zombie Adventurer and priest from the Land of Vividly Overdressed have summoned up Lady Whose Dress is Falling Off.  LWDFO is magnificently unconcerned by the situation, and you can just tell she is going to waltz in to the Land of Vividly Overdressed and seize the throne.    She may have a couple of minor disabilities (that wrist looks particularly alarming, but I imagine people stare more at the deformed nose) but she just doesn't care.

Here, Pouty Blue Guy is attacking Jaime Lannister, who is defending the Folks on the Hill.  Jaime is grinning slightly, he's feeling pretty confident.

Pouty blue guy goes in for the attack and is thrown back!  Jaime is still confident he's going to win.

Oh!  but Pouty Blue Guy has managed to gasp out some evidence that reveals the dreadful truth about the appalling machinations of the Folks on the Hill.  Jaime has switched sides, and is grimly amused by the consternation this has caused the two bowpeople.

As the swordsmen go in for the attack,  Black Haired Guy is still hoping to argue his way out of the situation, but Bosomy Bow-woman is preparing to sell her life dearly.


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24th Jan, 2016 14:18 (UTC)
The Lady of the Lurchers raised a smile on the face of Dolorous Pajama-Clad Woman this morning, a feat of astonishing prowess.
24th Jan, 2016 16:16 (UTC)

Now I have a mental image of your icon tiger in pyjamas, looking sad. It looks adorable! :-D
24th Jan, 2016 17:54 (UTC)
But what happens next? How can you leave us on a cliffhanger like this? :-O In the last picture, it seems as if Pouty Blue Guy has cast Blur on himself, to reduce the enemy's chance of hitting him. But from the look of Jaime, I suspect that the sight of Bosomy Bow-woman's mighty cleavage has put him into Manly Posing mode rather than Fighty Mode, so he might be no help. It could go either way...

Also, the Land of Vividly Overdressed concerns me. I suspect it might be a rather unpleasant place, whose tyrannical ruler forces everyone to wear bright colours and indulge in an endless whirl of forced gaiety, where they must smile all the time and say that they're having SO MUCH FUN and they LOVE THEIR RULER SO VERY MUCH. When Lady Whose Dress is Falling Off siezes the throne, she will be welcomed as a great liberator.
25th Jan, 2016 13:40 (UTC)
I am fairly sure that Pouty Blue Guy is going to win, because there's something about poor old Black Haired Guy that says he always ends up in the losing faction. But I am unsure of the details.

Land of Vividly Overdressed clearly has a horribly oppressive regime. Imagine being forced to wear that gigantic hat! When ady Whose Dress is Falling Off takes power, I'm pretty sure the poor guy under that hat will fling it aside with a cry of joyous release.

Maybe everyone's clothes will start falling off, in happy emulation of their new sovereign.
25th Jan, 2016 17:00 (UTC)
I'm not so sure. I think Black Haired Guy could be Careworn Exile With An Angst-ridden Past - a murdered wife and kidnapped child, or something. Although he will suffer many setbacks along the way, he will at least survive until the end. And Bosomy Bow-woman has the look of a protagonist to me. Jaime and his friend are a bit too blingy to triumph at the end.
24th Jan, 2016 18:35 (UTC)
Again, love the painting, love the photography.
24th Jan, 2016 23:35 (UTC)
A zombie Adventurer and priest from the Land of Vividly Overdressed have summoned up Lady Whose Dress is Falling Off.

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