bunn (bunn) wrote,

Dog insurance for Rosie Roo

I took Rosie to the vet for practice-visiting, and while I was there, I weighed her.  I was delighted to see she's now 20.5kg.  But she is insured (with John Lewis) as a 'medium' dog and they define 'medium' as under 20kg.   So I thought I'd better let them know she's put on a little.

I was somewhat staggered to discover that a gain of measly .5 of a kilo means that her monthly insurance, already an eye-watering £34 a month, would shoot up to £59 a month!   The person I spoke to discouraged me from doing this, rightly assuming that I would definitely switch insurers next year.   She assured me that they would not quibble if she was injured and proved to be 0.5kg over the limit.  I hope she's right!   The Roo has no pre-existing conditions, so I think I shall have to shop around a little next year, assuming that she doesn't come down with anything in the interim. 
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