bunn (bunn) wrote,

Unwise cat personal health decisions

Revolting Cat Things within.

On Sunday afternoon, we noticed that Yama Bungle had a swelling on his neck, which looked suspiciously like an abcess.

On Monday morning, I took Yama Bungle into the vet, who gave it as her opinion that it would not be possible to lance the abcess due to its awkward location inside the jaw, and therefore gave him antibiotics and painkillers, and instructions to bring him back if these did not effect a cure.

This morning, Yama, who yesterday was small and tired and quiet, became once again loud and bumptious and shouted, ran about, and threw a large number of random objects onto the floor.

And at some point, he also decided that having an abcess was a mug's game and popped the damn thing.   At least it's draining now?
Tags: bengals, bungles, cats
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