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I like this advert

I mean, I'm not planning to move my bank account, because I am lazy and have both low standards and low expectations.
But I can appreciate this ad as a work of art.  It expertly expresses the qualities you'd want in a bank brand: strength, reliability, a long-term approach, an awareness of people as individuals. It could not have been made by any other business I can think of, which is surely part of the the essence of effective branding.


  • The horses are all so beautiful and look so superbly cared for.

  • I like seeing horses shown working in such a range of roles.

  • The girl who plays the bride looks so genuinely delighted.

  • The horse-drawn RNLI lifeboat.  I love lifeboats, and how often do you see an original lifeboat being moved as originally intended?  The lifeboat is the William Riley, built 1909,  bought, in a tragic state, on Ebay in 2005 and now magnificently restored.   (I feel obscurely guilty about the William Riley, because she fell into disrepair when she was on the River Taw near Barnstaple, which is the river I grew up sailing on, and I am pretty sure that if my Dad,  who was a relentless sentimentalist about old boats and the RNLI who had a habit of buying multiple copies of books from charity shops on the grounds that they were too good for a charity shop and needed rescuing,   had known the background, the William Riley would have come home with him... Lucky escape for her really, as I'm sure her current owner, the Whitby Historic Lifeboat Trust is a much more sensible arrangement.)

  • I've just realised that the lifeboat in the painting I made of the Royal Jubilee pageant in 2012 is the William Riley!  I didn't recognise her before.


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11th Jan, 2016 20:57 (UTC)
Nice advert, but let's be honest, it's no "I see you baby, chicken madras" is it?
11th Jan, 2016 21:51 (UTC)
11th Jan, 2016 21:47 (UTC)
It kind of makes me want a TV show called "Horses through the Ages" or something. All about beautiful horses doing heroic and/or useful and/or just plain sweet things.
11th Jan, 2016 21:53 (UTC)
I think I would want it to be 'fairytale horses through the ages' or something like that, with all the bad bits taken out!
12th Jan, 2016 07:03 (UTC)
Perhaps because one of the oldest charitable riding schools for the disabled (with its own residential centre) is just up the road, and we often meet the rides when walking the dogs in Roding Meadows, the last section of this ad always brings tears to my eyes.
12th Jan, 2016 22:20 (UTC)
It's great isn't it? The contrast between the cumbersome haul into the saddle and then suddenly taking wings through the woods.
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