bunn (bunn) wrote,

Attacking the hillfort

It stopped raining!  Well, not entirely, but at least enough to remind us what sun and blue skies look like.
The river Lynher was very full and cold and clear and fierce, but it was inside its banks, which it was not last time we came this way.  I wished I'd brought the real camera, but I didn't, so I just took a few phonephotos.

We met one of Rosie's friends, an 8 year old labrador gentleman, and she had a good run with him along the riverside, although she was clearly a bit disappointed that he couldn't keep up with saluki speed.  No photos of that, as the phone is not up to high speed dogzooming and also I have to be on the alert for unexpected border collies.

It was so sunny, I decided to go up the hillfort as well as along the river.  I admit that by many standards, Cadsonbury hillfort is not one of the most imposing specimens, but it is still quite steep.

We launch our attack on the hillfort.  Fortunately it was undefended, except by a number of fat rabbits, and an elderly Akita who is one of Rosie's friends.

View from the top: Rainbow!  Over two of our customers, as it happens, a Bed & Breakfast and a pasty-making company, and in the distance that's Bodmin Moor.  You can just see about see the Giant Mobile Mast of Caradon Hill a bit to the left of the rainbow's end, (it's the dark coloured one on the hilltop, the white thing in front is a wind turbine).

Someone mentioned when I posted about reading 'Farthing' by Jo Walton that it was written as a response to the worldbuilding of Josephine Tey.  I'd only read 'The Daughter of Time', which is the one that tries to rehabilitate the reputation of Richard III.  So I read 'The Francise Affair' and 'The Singing Sands'. 'Farthing' makes so much more sense read as Tey fanfic than it does as stand-alone. 
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