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Pp has got a new torch, and insisted we must do a night-time dogwalk to test it out.  We went along the Lynher: a very fast flowing full river at this time of year, surprisingly clear water and very dark, what with the trees all the way up the side of the valley.    The new torch did sterling duty along the riverside path, but sadly ran out of juice after that.  It was lucky we were on the road by that time so at least had a level surface to walk on.

The new torch turns out to have a strobe mode.  It has no effect on Pp at all, but Oh!  it made me feel sick.   I had to hang about for about five minutes getting my stomach under control after he accidentally turned it on, and it didn't fully wear off for ages.

It is weird that just light could have that effect, and I wonder why it affected me and not Pp. 
Tags: me, moan, whinge

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