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Autumn in the garden.

Last weekend I finally mowed the grass. It was wet, but then at this time of year in a river valley, it's always wet. I do hate unclogging the mower, but there doesn't seem to be an alternative.

A great deal of chopping needs to be done. I've felled the hydrangea, which now looks much neater. I do hate hydrangeas: I'd remove it if it wasn't in such an awkward spot. They get water in their big heads and go all droopy and annoying. I've surrounded its roots with bits of old hinge and ancient screws, to force it to turn blue, but you can see it would really rather be pink, and many of the bracts have a sort of reluctantly purple look about them.

The big buddleia really needs a good hacking. Good thing Bonfire Night is coming up, though we may need a fair bit of paraffin to get things going, given that everything is so soggy at the moment.

I've also planted up some cyclamen in baskets. This was a bit of a gamble, because no matter what the garden centre says, those little scented cyclamen that come in bright reds are only dubiously hardy (I do have some hederifolium and Coum cyclamen that I grew from seed: those are tough as old boots). But I suspect these little ones are some sort of small persicum hybrid, so much less durable. I have potted them into baskets and they are sheltered by a south-facing and an east-facing wall, and in slight shade. If they don't make it there, there is nowhere in my garden they will grow!

There are still a lot of windfall apples hanging about and my pepper plants still have peppers on, but it's got to that time of year when I am not sure I can face any more apple products or peppers! I have a great deal of chutney now though.
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