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This morning, when I tried to walk the dogs in the rain, Brythen and I could have posed for a sculpture named 'The irresistible force and the immovable object'. Even with a coat on he was hard to get out of the porch, and then he ran into the neighbour's garage and had to be winkled out of there. But since he had not been outdoors for well over 12 hours, I felt that it was that or kidney failure.

Rosie, oddly, seemed to quite enjoy the outing, particularly when a fox, assuming that no sane human or dog would be outside in this weather, seized a screaming rabbit in the fields and thus had to be pursued at top saluki speed into the hedge.

This afternoon, there has been much rushing about and yipping upstairs. I don't know what she was doing, because every time I went up to investigate she was sitting down looking terribly serious, having clearly heard me coming.
Tags: dogs, weather

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