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Merry Christmas etc

On Christmas Eve, I made

an illustrated Oldies Club Twelve Days of Christmas
!  Pity I didn't have a bit more time to clean up the shapes, but given how quickly I drew these I thnk they've come out quite well.
I shall always remember foster dog Boblington Bob, who was very confused about living in a house anyway, and could not understand why watering the Christmas tree was not encouraged...

Yesterday we cooked a goose and entertained our parents (and elderly whippet) to lunch. Turns out that a 17 year old whippet is able to eat a quite unfeasible quantity of goose. I was amused by his huge eyes bulging in awed delight at the sight of YET MORE GOOSE approaching his quivering nose.

Actually sunny on Christmas Eve.   It didn't last...

Stacking sighthounds Rosie Roo (above) and Ancient Flash.

My attempt at taking a photo of all of us somewhat defeated by extremely insufficient light, but I quite like it anyway, it's really blurry but you get the gist.  I was quite blurry, myself, having had a sufficient quantity of prosecco.

Yesterday morning, while carefully walking down steps to favour my knee that I had previously whacked on a granite boulder, I managed to catch a step with my other foot, and twist it agonisingly. Pants.

Today we took the hounds to run about and chase rabbits, which they did with enthusiasm... only Rosie somehow found her way into the middle of a thicket and got stuck. So I had to go in and fish her out, which I did very cautiously, without knackering any further body parts. Hurray!

Only for Brythen to turn up at 30mph and body-slam me on the back of the knees, knocking me flying into a mud-patch. An excellent quality of mud, however, is that it is soft, so no harm was done except to my dignity as I lay on my back wiggling my limbs skyward like a downed tortoise.


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27th Dec, 2015 03:21 (UTC)
Sorry the mud thing..ahhh, all I could think of was how chilly it must have been for a tortoise ;).

Your tree is beautiful!

27th Dec, 2015 07:21 (UTC)
That's very cute!
27th Dec, 2015 10:58 (UTC)
I love that Twelve Days of Chaos Christmas!

Much goose and then the sofa - sounds like elderly whippet heaven.

When gravity's call becomes imperative, thank heavens for the welcoming embrace of really soft mud, that's all I can say.

27th Dec, 2015 12:04 (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear you've been in the wars, but glad Christmas itself went well.
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