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The squirrels of Tavistock are bold and brave, so bold indeed that they can be photographed reasonably adequately even with a phone.
I have tagged this wildlife, although I'm fairly sure that Rosie Roo would be very clear that it should be tagged 'prey'.    This park is an exciting place for lurchers.



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11th Dec, 2015 14:58 (UTC)
What a perfectly autumnal photo.

Squirrels are a cheeky lot. I had one sit on my shoe once. Admittedly, I was handing out walnuts at the time but I was a expecting a bit more decorum. As I recall, he or she took hold of the bottom of my trouser leg and looked up into my face most imploringly.
11th Dec, 2015 17:18 (UTC)
Very disappointed not to see a squirrel photographed with a phone. I'm not wise in the ways of grey squirrels, but people tell me that they're more adaptable than our reds, so I was hoping to see one caught in the act of embracing modern technology. (A "Where on earth did I hide those acorns?" app, perhaps?
12th Dec, 2015 04:05 (UTC)
Ha! It almost wouldn't surprise me.
12th Dec, 2015 10:46 (UTC)
I *very nearly* photoshopped a tiny phone into this photo before posting it, because I KNEW you would say that :-DDDD
11th Dec, 2015 17:22 (UTC)
What a great photo!
12th Dec, 2015 07:24 (UTC)
A very bold squirrel.

But the way he is oh-so-casually lurking, almost within reach on a branch above a river, makes me think it is a trap, and that Jack Russells regularly end up in the water...
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