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Back to autumn

It was such a beautiful morning I resolved to do a long walk.  i got to Greenscombe wood, and I thought , oh drat, I forgot that at this time of year, the north side of a hill is so dark and gloomy!  But I took some photos anyway.  Here's the Cornwall side of the ford.  The dogs seemed rather sad about the shade, and were rather clingy.  Rosie kept rushing back to assure me that she was still here, if I wanted to rethink my choice of walk and go somewhere sunny.

I don't fancy crossing the river by the ford today!

This tree came down a couple of years ago, it's getting to the point where it's quite difficult to get through on this path now. But the top of the tree is in the river, so maybe this winter will be the one that carries it off downstream and clears the path.  In the meanwhile, Rosie is very dubious about going through the gap.  I had to get Brythen to show her how to do it.

How come he can do this, but jumping through a hoop or running through an agility tunnel is Absolutely Impossible?

She did it eventually, but she thought it was a Terrible Imposition.  I suspect she thinks I should have carried her over it rather than making her climb through.
All this rough scrambling is Inappropriate for Princess Salukis.  She gave me a Meaningful Look.

We went on up the hill, and eventually we found a sunbeam, peeping over the top of the hill.

And up the steep hill towards the hill fort, and out into the sunlight.

I stopped and took random autumnal photos for a bit while the dogs made absolutely sure that there were no squirrels below the 6-foot mark.


Or rabbitses?

Then I decided that it was time to start making our way back.  This was not a popular suggestion.  Rosie did NOT want to leave the sunbeams and go back into the shade.  But fortunately I had brought a large bag of freshly-made liver treats, and this argument eventually triumphed over the opposition.

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