bunn (bunn) wrote,

Day of Grey

A day as grey as granite today, but at least it stopped raining for a while.


Rosie Roo was very reluctant to go home after the morning walk, even though we'd been out racing around for well over an hour and a half and had gone a fair distance really.  While she sulked and refused to walk,  I took Brythen's harness off so I could take a photo of him posing.  He's definitely filled out since his early days, and is less clearly greyhound in shape, although he still has a couple of ribs visible and a good waist, so is definitely not overweight.  He just has muscles on his muscles.
handsome.jpgIn other news, I finally got around to jellifying the rowan berries and crabapples I picked well over a month ago.  I had too many crabapples and not quite enough rowan berries for the first recipe I selected randomly from the internet, and also I could not quite get all the rowan berries into the only pot available, so the jelly may be a bit more crabapply and less rowany than planned, but oh well.

The rowan berries that would not go into the pot, I've tried crystallising in honey. They do have quite a strong flavour, but it's quite pleasant.  I think will be nice to have a few with cheese. 
Tags: berries, dogs, jelly, lurchers

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