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The Last Kingdom

Well, OK, hurray Saxons, hurray Vikings. But why does it all have to be so *muddy* ?    Here we are at the tragic end as Northumbria's Golden Age finally ends in fire, can we not have some leftover bling? Or at least some nice embroidery?  Silk hangings? The odd fancy woodcarving, or some nice trim around a tunic at least?    Even the box of treasure looked kind of manky, and for some mysterious reason, even though we were clearly around for several years of Uhtred's growing up, everything took place in late autumn, so there wasn't even much colour to the grass or trees. :-(

I suppose fancy objects are expensive.  But I still have my fingers crossed that there will be a bit less mud in Wessex.  At least outside of the Somerset marshes. 



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23rd Oct, 2015 07:24 (UTC)
A huge revolution happened in history some time in the last few decades. Back in the 1950s, Yore was shiny, bright and technicolour, with vivid clothes and clean floors and lit with glaring light. Sometimes the happy, brightly-clad inhabitants even burst into song. At some point (perhaps the 70s or 80s) darkness suddenly fell upon Yore - all Yore before c. 1500, anyway - and it became a place of drab clothing, mannerless people going "raarrr!" and mud everywhere, and it's all lit with one flickering rushlight, so you can hardly see the mud-splatted, sack-wearing kings and emperors, anyway. Which is probably just as well, because at the same time, they suddenly forgot their table manners.

It's all quite annoying. I've seen loads of documentaries in which various TV historians try to show us that pre-Renaissance people were far more "advanced" that the stereotype, and dazzle us with the Bling of Yore. But whenever the same TV channels do dramas set in those periods, it's all drab colours and mud and gloom.
23rd Oct, 2015 08:04 (UTC)
It really does feel like before about 1500 EVERYONE was Dennis the Peasant. (Apart from in BBC Merlin, which admittedly is set very much in fantasyland, but at least admits to the existence of baths in Yore).

I think there was more bling in Arthur of the Britons than in the Last Kingdom, although admittedly that was very 70's bling.

This is supposed to be going up against Game of Thrones. Has nobody *looked* at Game of Thrones...?
23rd Oct, 2015 08:28 (UTC)
"I think there was more bling in Arthur of the Britons than in the Last Kingdom, although admittedly that was very 70's bling."

What you're saying is "If only the Last Kingdom Saxons had worn more sheepskin..."*

* For those readers not familiar with 'Arthur of the Britons' the key visual way to distinguish Britons from Saxons is that the Saxons all (without fail) wear lots of sheepskin.

Edited at 2015-10-23 08:28 (UTC)
23rd Oct, 2015 11:18 (UTC)
Was it a Briton or a Saxon who was sitting on Bagpuss? I can't remember who it was, but I remember that when we all agreed that, yes, this character had quite definitely killed and skinned Bagpuss, and was using his skin as a saddle.
23rd Oct, 2015 15:46 (UTC)
I think that was Cei the Saxon. He doesn't always wear sheepskin in AotB because he was adopted by Celts. I don't know what it says about his attitude to Bagpi.
23rd Oct, 2015 14:48 (UTC)
Actually, I would have preferred the Last Kingdom Saxons to have worn nice woven things with patterns. Both Saxons and Vikings DID wear a lot of sheepskin!
31st Oct, 2015 17:49 (UTC)

' "Game of Thrones sex scenes are 'sexplanations' to distract from boring exposition", says disinterested author behind rival series '

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