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Of Weather, Cats and Boards

Tuesday was a day of trying to catch up - and then on Tuesday night, there was the most enormous thunderstorm. Some of our neighbours were hit, though we didn't realise till we saw the emergency services turn up. Our neighbour Peter bravely (or foolishly?) went out in the rain with an umbrella to investigate! I hope it was a rubber umbrella!

So, that was the end of Telecomms in Chilsworthy until the end of the week. Weirdly, Rob and Linda next door had a working phone but they were the only ones I came across: everyone I met dogwalking had a "BT are Useless story...**" When BT fixed our line on Friday, they managed to take out their line, presumably as some weird form of Natural Justice.

We seem to be getting a great deal of lightning here this year. Not good for poor Az, he's terrified of it. I hope this sudden phenomenon doesn't mean that the quarry up the road has unearthed two mysterious hemispheres which must under no circumstances be united...

**possibly unjustly in this case, fair play to them: they had a hell of a lot of repairs to do. Though I would have appreciated it if, when I rang them to ask if it was safe to go out or if an engineer might turn up, they hadn't blithely assured me that it would be fine. I didn't believe them and stayed crossly roosting in my house, where a BT engineer did indeed come creeping furtively up the steps at about 3pm.

I had a Cunning Plan to make Java's crate more comfortable. She is much safer in there (and less messy), but she likes to come out and about.

I have rigged up an electric propagator base suspended in her cage with a fleecy blanket in it. It's gently heated and completly waterproof and washable. So far, she seems to really enjoy sitting in it.

And finally: we at long last have new soffit boards! Rejoice, all ye people of Moorland Butts!

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