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Random Mine of the Day : Wheal Benny: a water-powered tin mine

Overgrown mines are really hard to photograph. It's strange: you can see the outlines of quite a lot of the buildings quite clearly under the ivy in real life, but somehow in a photo all you get is a blob even if it's all in focus.  According to the Heritage Gateway, there's a chimney for an arsenic calcining plant in here somewhere, but I have yet to spot it.  It's probably hiding, disguised as a tree.

Wheal Benny was a smallish tin, wolfram, and yet, of course arsenic mine.  It goes right down to the riverbank and had a waterwheel.  To the left of Rosie, the wall of a wheelpit, and to her right, the river.

This is probably the most visible bit of it, with the gate across the adit entry to the mine at the back.

I think this was probably a wheel pit for one of the waterwheels.  It's quite deep (and completely unfenced: note to self, keep careful track of location of both dogs at this point).
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