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This is on the North side of Kit Hill and rather tucked away; a steep-sided valley full of low mossy green oak and willow trees, clinging close to the steep hill-slopes for protection.  The valley is filled with shallow water and dappled green light.

We only went so far, as we did not wish to get our delicate lurcher-feet wet.

I'm slightly confused by this one, if I'm honest.
According to the Heritage Gateway, just ahead of Rosie is a 20th century shaft, which was ' wired by levels from no.2 Adit (to the NW)'.   But I don't see how it can be connected to an adit that is to the NW, because the hill falls away so steeply: there is nothing to the North West except empty space: the closest mine is in the middle of the hill, Southward.  (There is Holmbush Mine to the NW, but that is quite a long way away and a lot lower down.)

The way the valley is full of water makes it look much more like an adit (draining water out of the hill) rather than a shaft going down.   Also,  if this connects to a mine to the South, it seems odd if it's a 20th century shaft, because Kit Hill summit mine closed in 1864.  Probably you need to be more intrepid than me to solve this one.

Here's a mystery wall instead.  This is 'A rectangular shelter, built of split granite blocks open on the north side where it faces onto a stone working area. It is associated with the lower quarry on the north slope of Kit Hill.'   It's now sheltering a collection of small, worried-looking trees and a lot of disturbingly altar-looking rectangular blocks of granite.

This is what's to the North West of that valley.  Nice view of Bodmin Moor anyway.


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10th Oct, 2015 00:11 (UTC)
It looks like a picture from a fairy tale!
10th Oct, 2015 21:58 (UTC)
It's such an atmospheric spot that, I think it's all the small gnarled trees.
10th Oct, 2015 09:59 (UTC)
Wow this country is facinating
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