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The client who made me laugh...

I am a bit stressed at the mo - lots to do, BT taking away my phoneline didn't help, and one site is now 3 days late for launch. I was up till 2am trying to get it sorted, and one bit of the open source solution I'm using for it is still behaving in a peculiar and erratic manner that I can't figure out.

I'd been talking to the client about the late site, explaining what was left to do and that he could not have all of the last list of amends he'd come up with for free, because some of it would involve pretty much rewriting the entire thing. He asked me to quote for a number of extras that they have just thought of, and said he'd email the details.

Which he did, and I was worriedly going through the list and trying to work out if it was all stuff that I could do and how long it would take. Until I got to the final item on the list:

"Every time I think of a different flavour of ice cream, can you make the site read my mind then phone Ben and Jerrys and have it delivered to my desk within five minutes?"

I am now giggling madly, and the stress has quite gone away, for now at least!
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