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I am not sure if this really counts as a mine; unless a quarry is a gravel mine.  but as I was walking through it today I thought I'd take a couple of snaps, since this is the kind of thing that normally doesn't get photographed until it's falling down.

15 years ago when we moved to the Tamar Valley, there were lots of little impromtu footpaths all across this site, and now it's all barbed wire and health and safety signs apart from on the actual road, which just has fierce signs. It's interesting how it's changed.

Dogs inspecting quarry buildings.
I photographed this sign, because I believe it to be completely unreadable.
 I tried reading it several times, and there's something about the colours and font and ALL CAPS that makes me stop reading half way down.  And I read a lot of things, which I suppose a Mobile Plantsperson might not.

(Incidentally, if you don't want a random mine of the day until I run out of mines or enthusiasm (although, who would not want more mines in their lives???) , I'm assuming you can just filter out my tamar valley tag.  Or ignore them.  )


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2nd Oct, 2015 21:05 (UTC)
As a generally compulsive reader, I have to agree about the sign. I managed to get to the bottom, but I had to force myself. You do wonder how useful it is - presumably it's to point to in case of an accident, "See, we told them they had to wash their plant regularly".
3rd Oct, 2015 07:35 (UTC)
Wow. I wonder if you are the first person to make it that far :-D The text and spacing is just horrible!

I'm sure it must be a point-to-in-disaster thing.
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