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Random Mine of the Day : South Kit Hill Mine

  A tin-mine, apparently.  Makes a change from the arsenic and coppermines all over the place.  The engine-house lasted almost a hundred years after it closed in 1884, but was knocked over in the mid-70's, or so the sign says.
Kit Hill South Mine
The sky really was that colour today, although it looks terribly improbable in the photo.

Edited 10/10/2015 to add two more photos...  You might think, with two fences, why does it also need a sign saying 'Danger Deep Mineshaft' ?

But it must be said the dangerous deep mineshaft, apart from the fences, which could easily be hopped over, the dangerous deep mineshaft doesn't look noticeably different from this unfenced and quite safe reservoir.   The reservoirs held water that was used in the mine behind them.
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