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State of the garden in September

I always seem to take lots of photos of the garden in Spring, and then everything starts growing like triffids,  it all goes a bit aaargh and I don't take any photos after that.  So I decided today as I had taken down a tree I should take photos.

One of the last of the apples.  This tree is always a bit late compared to the others, and its fruit tends to blemish a little, but the the flavour is excellent, very sweet and full of flavour with a good texture. I don't know the variety of any of my apple trees, they were all planted long before we arrived here.

After several years of no grapes due to mildew, this year I remembered to prune it back at the right time, and rather to my surprise, since I really haven't given it any other care at all, there seems to be quite a good crop coming along.   This vine is one I planted, and from memory the variety is Dornfelder.

The fig tree has had another good summer and is still laden with unripe figs, but figs need so much sun to ripen fully.  I don't think any of these are going to make it.

The tree I felled!  It looks rather unimpressive in this photo, but it wasn't a tiny one.  I had to get Pp out to help me carry this up to the woodpile, it was too heavy for me to move on my own.    It's a hazel.  I'm always amazed by how fast hazel grows.

Having removed a lot of tree - OK, not the entire coppice stool, but quite a lot of it, anyway I rediscovered this bench and table.  I had positioned these where they had a pleasing view out to Dartmoor over some low bushes.  Then I blinked and looked away...   Thats my handsaw bottom right.  I know this job would be quicker with a chainsaw, but the thing I love about handsaws, apart from the fact that they are lovely and quiet and so you can use them without causing your neighbours to curse and go inside with all the windows shut, is the way that they don't accidentally remove your hands, feet etc if you make a mistake.

Before photo of the line of trees.

The light I made!  I feel terribly proud of this hole in the canopy.

After photo of the line of trees.  OK, it's not *very* different. But I can see more sky!

The tree on the right is a maple, and I've kept it deliberately although it is a bit large, because in a few weeks the rather lovely three-pointed leaves will turn the most glorious yellowy-orange: much more spectacular than the native trees in my garden.   I am thinking I may try carefully removing some branches this winter though, just to lighten up the line a little, so it doesn't make quite such a solid mass.
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