bunn (bunn) wrote,

Loud Heart

Brythen and Rosie were playing in the field yesterday, and then Rosie ran off to poke her nose down rabbit holes while Brythen came racing back to me. He had been running hard (Rosie was chasing him and she's faster than he is!), for perhaps a couple of minutes.

I could hear a thumping noise. I thought for a moment it was someone hitting something with a rubber mallet in the lane, but then I realised that it was actually coming from Brythen. It was a really noticeable noise, even though he was a couple of feet away from me. As I listened, it slowed and became quieter until it was inaudible.

I've never heard a dog's heart beating like that, even dogs with a serious heart murmur! I don't think he's ill though. He has been at the vets recently to have his shoulder stitched, and they would surely have noticed a serious heart problem. He certainly doesn't lack energy either!
Tags: dogs, lurchers

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