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Hegnificent Reign of Terror

Above, Exhibit A, His Hegnificance Henning 1, AKA The Problem.

Henning is being very wicked in his reign over the household.  With the death of Perl, Henning became Top Cat, and Henning makes a terrible Top Cat.  He's a bully who spends a lot of his time trying to eat all the food in the entire world, in case other cats should manage to feed, and sit in ALL the places at once, so that no other cat can sleep there.    Oh yes, and use ALL the litter trays.  At least he seems (touch wood) to have given up peeing in the dog beds. but he does bop the dogs with his claws out occasionally, causing them to flee in gigantic long-legged terror from the small hairy tyrant.

Henning's behaviour has definitely got worse since his brother Kjetil died.  Kjetil was the Lovely Brother and Henning is the Evil Brother.   I think part of the problem now is that Henning is actually a bit lonely.   Sometimes he tries to be friends with Footie the Ancient Cat, but Footie is now very easily confused (to be honest, he was never the brightest of cats, but being 18 and a half does not help), and not at all tolerant of sometimes being bopped by a cat in an Evil Overlord tantrum who later comes and wants to be buddies.      Sometimes he wants to be buddies with me, and this involves sitting next to me and prodding me repeatedly with his claws out. It's not the most endearing trait, although he looks adorable when he does it.  Good thing too.  At least we can love him for his looks, if not for his gittish behaviour.



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23rd Aug, 2015 01:38 (UTC)
That photograph seems to show a cat pleading to be accepted as an evil overlord.
23rd Aug, 2015 23:44 (UTC)
You'd think I'd shut him out in the rain. But no. He went out in the rain to sulk about the angst in his life. Then, instead of going back in through the cat door, he came to scrape his paw repeatedly down the patio door, presumably hoping that either I would come to wait upon him, or that I would NOT come and he could angst about his life further having proved my inadequacy as a cat servant. He didn't go through the open door, of course...
23rd Aug, 2015 02:01 (UTC)
Oh dear. I realise how lucky I am with my sweet ginger boys.

This blog has a lot about difficult cats.

23rd Aug, 2015 23:46 (UTC)
We have one sweet cat left - Yama. Unfortunately, Yama has lifelong persistent rhinitis and fires gobs of snot everywhere!

Footie is grumpy and possibly senile, and as for Henning!

We used to have six, and the three more well-balanced ones of each of the three pairs died first, it is very odd.
23rd Aug, 2015 22:09 (UTC)
On looking at the photo I am reminded of Tom Hiddleston's Loki
23rd Aug, 2015 23:47 (UTC)
We think he may be partially Norwegian Forest Cat. Which would figure!
24th Aug, 2015 06:43 (UTC)
I have three, but none of them is really Top Cat. They are pretty much a family in the litter-mates sense.

I suspect that it is partly because Bus-stop Cat was adult when he came and the other two, who are brothers, were kittens (and were snipped before the hormones really got going). So he adopted them as his, and he is to some extent still Mother Cat, but that is not quite the same thing.

Your Henning is very beautiful, certainly.

Edited at 2015-08-24 06:44 (UTC)
24th Aug, 2015 08:27 (UTC)
That sounds like a nice family group. All of ours were adopted as adults apart from Footie, who was grown up before he met the others, so perhaps that's why they haven't formed a group so well.

Though actually Footie and Yama Bungle are happy together if not lifelong pals, it's Henning and his need to bop other lifeforms to assert himself that is the problem. He's always been insecure and worried, but a very large insecure cat is hard to reassure. :-/
25th Aug, 2015 03:42 (UTC)
Yes, they wash each other and cat-heap together on a mat on rainy days.
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