bunn (bunn) wrote,

Hegnificent Reign of Terror

Above, Exhibit A, His Hegnificance Henning 1, AKA The Problem.

Henning is being very wicked in his reign over the household.  With the death of Perl, Henning became Top Cat, and Henning makes a terrible Top Cat.  He's a bully who spends a lot of his time trying to eat all the food in the entire world, in case other cats should manage to feed, and sit in ALL the places at once, so that no other cat can sleep there.    Oh yes, and use ALL the litter trays.  At least he seems (touch wood) to have given up peeing in the dog beds. but he does bop the dogs with his claws out occasionally, causing them to flee in gigantic long-legged terror from the small hairy tyrant.

Henning's behaviour has definitely got worse since his brother Kjetil died.  Kjetil was the Lovely Brother and Henning is the Evil Brother.   I think part of the problem now is that Henning is actually a bit lonely.   Sometimes he tries to be friends with Footie the Ancient Cat, but Footie is now very easily confused (to be honest, he was never the brightest of cats, but being 18 and a half does not help), and not at all tolerant of sometimes being bopped by a cat in an Evil Overlord tantrum who later comes and wants to be buddies.      Sometimes he wants to be buddies with me, and this involves sitting next to me and prodding me repeatedly with his claws out. It's not the most endearing trait, although he looks adorable when he does it.  Good thing too.  At least we can love him for his looks, if not for his gittish behaviour.
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