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It was way too hot to walk down to the river today.  The sky was grey and the valley full of mist, but it turned out to be that sort of mist that hangs around even when its quite unfeasibly warm. I think this is the first time I can remember getting back to the house and being absolutely *desperate* for a shower;
do not pass go,
do not collect £200,

It was melting.   On the plus side, the dogs found it too warm to be riotous  and even though I took my courage in both hands and let Rosie offlead, she behaved impeccably.

I didn't manage to garden after that.  It was just too hot and damp.  Is there any redeeming feature to a hot, wet, late August?    There were two ripe figs on my fig tree today, but the slugs got to them before I did.  There's something wrong when slugs are picking tree fruit six feet off the ground!

I bought an exciting new camera lens on ebay.  It's not really exciting or new because it's actually the kit lens the camera came with that I managed to break by dropping it, so in a way it's kind of annoying to have to replace it.  But  I think I would like to experiment with some of the camera options that require snazzy modern attributes like autofocus.  There are SOO many settings and menus, and it turns out that I've forgotten where most of the options that relate to modern lenses actually live, and I probably need to go through methodically practicing with them. Although possibly not right away. I am trying to avoid Too Many Things at once syndrome as I think for me that tends to lead to doing none of them well enough to really enjoy.

I have no idea where I found that effect option, and I soon realised that trying to remember which of the range of menus was hidden behind each of the three buttons (really, I wish designers could get past this minimalist approach to button allocation)  was going to take long enough that Rosie was starting to look impatient, so I gave up and resolved to try again later.

Poor old Helga Saab, who is coming up to her 150,000 mile anniversary,  failed her MOT for the first time on Friday.  She is staying at the garage and Dave says he will try to fix her up so she'll pass on the re-test on Monday.  Fingers crossed she passes, and none of the work is insanely expensive...
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