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cat blood test

Vet rang with results on Friday. Definitely no thyroid problem: definitely liver, almost certainly cancer.

No treatment available : he gave her multivitamins and an appetite stimulant* which may help a little, or not. If we see a major decline in her condition, bring her back.

Thing that annoys me about that vet: they do stuff (like the appetite stimulant) that seems like it can only help for a few days, if that, on a long-term condition, without asking you about it first or saying exactly what they are giving till you get the bill. You have to be really alert and ask questions all the time.

Last time I took Mollydog in with her corn on her toe, they wanted to give her antibiotics. For a corn??? Luckily I was on the ball that day and insisted on her explaining what she wanted to use, as Mollydog reacts badly to antib's (they give her the runs...). They did give her a painkiller. Which was a bit weird, because that's only going to last a few hours, and then afterwards, she will still have the corn???

Am going to start using the Callington vet more, see how they are in comparison. Took the buns in for their vaccs there and they seemed to know what they were doing. But then vaccs are easy.

*why? she is already hungry all the time!

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