bunn (bunn) wrote,

2 Paintings, Clad Only In Their Hair

In my ongoing quest towards Painting Improvement, I decided I needed to paint some people without clothes, to experiment with issues like Where Knees Are, Toes Being Weird, etc.   Since I seem to be painting Silmarillion Things at the moment, I went for the two canonical Nude Moments that sprang to mind (although, of course, Turin is not nude)

The idea here is that the black swirls behind Turin and grabbing Saeros around the ankle are the Evil Thoughts of Morgoth.  Not sure Saeros's legs quite work, but that's not an easy pose to draw.  I had originally planned to have both his hands waving about but that presented the problem of Elvenpubes, so the Hand of Modesty came into play.

More Evil Thoughts.   I reason that since Nienor is like Hurin in female form, she should be a moderately chunky wench.  I think her pose was easier to draw than Saeros's.  In future, running people should be in profile.
These might count as NSFW, if your W is particularly prudish?  I have never actually worked anywhere that had internet content filtering of any kind (and indeed, the images I saw from customers in my first job working for an ISP are still graven horrifically on my memory) so I am never quite sure what is NSFW and what ain't.
Tags: acrylics, arty stuff, tolkien

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