bunn (bunn) wrote,

A few snaps from this week.

I went with my mother to the Royal William Yard, the old Royal Naval victualling yard in Plymouth this week.   We had a vague plan to visit an artist friend of hers who has a studio in the RWY, but in the end, we couldn't find it.  We had a good afternoon out anyway though.   We loved the amazing flower-banks by the car park, all fluttering with butterflies. 

We had a High Tea in a Teagarden.  It was quite remarkably genteel.  This is my Mum inspecting the High Tea and making a joke about not being adequately genteel.

You can hire paddleboards in the Royal William Yard now.   I was tempted, but not really dressed for it, and Mum is a bit past her watersports days...

It was such a great day, PP and I went back to Plymouth for tea, with the hounds.  We had a good view of the tombstoning spot, which is festooned with signs telling you NOT to jump off into the sea as you might die.  There were, none the less, Yoofs hanging about and clearly considering jumping in.  Loons.

We're making a special effort to make sure the hounds see lots of other dogs at the moment, since Brythen had shown some alarming signs of copying Rosie's bad reactions recently.

There were lots of dogs out and about in Plymouth, but mostly on lead and easy to stay at a non-scary distance, so it was a good place to practice (Brythen met LOADS of dogs and behaved beautifully!).    Here is Rosie ignoring a chocolate labrador, and demanding a slice of the bread-and-butter that came with my crab.
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