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Visiting the pigs

Someone in our village bought a house with a garden that had been untouched for many years.  To clear it, they are using the 'apply pigs and stand back' method. The pigs like visitors and come gallumphing over to see who is passing.

When the piglets were small and wary and ran about intriguingly in the undergrowth, Rosie was very fascinated with them, but now they are a bit bigger,  she is more cautious.  Brythen, however, would like to be their friend.



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(Deleted comment)
29th Jul, 2015 20:56 (UTC)
Hmm, more things...
Greek economy -> APPLY PIGS, no perhaps not.
Itchy bottom -> APPLY PIGS, almost certainly not
Windows 8 -> APPLY PIGS - interesting...

Brythen generally likes everyone regardless of species, (unless Rosie is leading him astray.)
30th Jul, 2015 07:55 (UTC)
A herd of Highland Cattle is unleashed every summer on some National Trust downland near here. According to the write-up, they "fearlessly bash and clear" scrub and undergrowth, even stuff that's so dense that it brings fear into the hearts of the mightiest of machines.

So if Windows 8 proves too much for the piggies, maybe the Hielan' Coos can cope with it?
31st Jul, 2015 07:59 (UTC)
Hielan' Coos can cope with ANYTHING!

We used to have those on Kit Hill for similar reasons, but they seem to have stopped using the Coos now and instead a motly crew of very-assorted cattle is employed, from an ancient Jersey with a crumpled horn, to a monstrous Hereford lady, to a rather baffled-looking Friesian, to a couple of Devon Rubies...

I don' know who they belong to, but I like to imagine whoever it is going to cattlemarkets as a hobby and going 'Ooh! Ooh! We haven't got one of THOSE yet!!!'
29th Jul, 2015 13:29 (UTC)
LOL, they look like a game of Pass the Pigs.

That bottom picture is too cute for words, especially with the muddy snout.
29th Jul, 2015 20:57 (UTC)
They are certainly having a lot of fun digging! I'm quite surprised by how much bracken there still is remaining.
29th Jul, 2015 14:35 (UTC)
PIGGIES! Piggies with SPOTS! Piggies with spots and dirty noses! :-D :-D :-D
29th Jul, 2015 20:58 (UTC)
Every time I go past I have to stop and look at the piggies.

I was rather amused this morning to meet two horseriders, who had clearly also stopped to admire the piggies. Not sure if that was the horses idea or the riders.
29th Jul, 2015 18:39 (UTC)
Isn't Brythen brave! Even Pip ran away from small pigs the one time he encountered them.

Those are soooo cute.
29th Jul, 2015 21:03 (UTC)
I don't think he'd have been that brave at the first meeting! But he has seen them lots of times from when they were tiny weaners so he's got used to them. And they are very amiable and pleasant little mud-puppies
29th Jul, 2015 22:31 (UTC)
Awww, that last pic is especially darling. Those look like very friendly piggies (I feel like pigs are often terrifyingly close to their wild boar roots).
31st Jul, 2015 08:00 (UTC)
I think they've had a LOT of socialisation. But I admit, when I saw Brythen had actually put his long nose through the wire I did stop photographing and haul him back, because as you say, powerful things pigs!
30th Jul, 2015 04:40 (UTC)
Those pigs are ridiculously cute, as is the interspecies friendship.
30th Jul, 2015 07:01 (UTC)
That's a clever thing to do! I take it that they are using pigs rather than goats because of needing to dig things out, as well as just eat them back. I know someone who hired a couple of goats to clear an old orchard.
31st Jul, 2015 07:49 (UTC)
That, and also I think because much less fencing required : we had another neighbour who did Apply Goat a few years back, and the goat kept getting out and eventually got into someone else's conservatory and butted them!

I think this has left the village not very charitably inclined towards goats, whereas these pigs just have a low fence and a line of electric tape around their area and don't seem to have any great desire to leave it.
3rd Aug, 2015 05:04 (UTC)
Oh yes, that's true. I've heard that some people prefer sheep for that reason.
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