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Last night I dreamed that I was on a beach in the evening. It had been a bright clear evening; now the tide was coming in and the light was fading. I headed back past the rocks towards the car, hurrying a little, as I had parked at the high tide mark. Looking back, I saw something leap in the waves.  I thought it was a dolphin, so I turned on my camera, although the light was poor enough that my photo would probably come out blurred, it was worth a try.

It jumped again, and I saw this time that it was too big to be a dolphin, and darker in colour,  with three long dark fins on its back.  I realised that it must be a seamonster. I pressed the button with the camera set to burst mode, as it disappeared again among the waves.

Then I hurried back to the car to get her moved before the light went and the sea came up to the wheels. I didn't have time to check the photos on the camera then, so when I got up this morning, I hurried to check if any of my sea-monster photos had come out looking good.

Sadly, there were no sea-monster photos on my photo card. There were only these:

I dream about sea-monsters a lot.  No idea why.



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24th Jul, 2015 14:43 (UTC)
I am sorry not to see the photos of your sea monster.

How is Brythen getting on, BTW?
24th Jul, 2015 15:47 (UTC)
Brythen has bounced back and is doing really well. He has not eaten his stitches, and at the point when he started madly running up and down the stairs, I decided he could have short lead walks. These turned into longer lead walks the time that Rosie decided to play the game of 'can't catch me' and I was a bit worried he'd overdone it, but he had a followup check and he seems to be fine.

Fortunately, he's quite a robust sort of beast.
24th Jul, 2015 15:49 (UTC)
Good :-)
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