bunn (bunn) wrote,

Battle of Tumhalad

I don't think there's any canon detail on whether Celebrimbor was at the Battle of Tumhalad, where Orodreth died and the army of Nargothrond was scattered and destroyed by Glaurung.  But he had to be somewhere.

Turin is the one wearing a vaguely-Japanese full-face mask, attached, of course, to his dragon-helm.   Orodreth has dropped his shield.


For some reason, drawings of elf-helmets often give them a shape that almost encloses the face, or with a visor -  but I think both Tumhalad, where Turin was able to withstand Glaurung because of his helmet, and the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, where Azaghal had the same advantage, prove that standard elf-helms must have been open-faced.

I'm not sure I got the composition right.  I wanted to get the whole of Glaurung in, but that ended up putting the detailed action too much to the left.  And I'm not quite sure about Glaurung's face or Orodreth's posture.   I like the fleeing horse and Celebrimbor's face though.  In the original Celebrimbor's face is a bit clearer, the camera has lightened the background a bit so the face stands out less, for some reason.

Tags: acrylics, arty stuff, noldor, tolkien

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