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Brythen is still creeping about looking somewhat woe, but he is a bit brighter. Ten days without walks is going to be... difficult, I suspect.  But at the moment he's being surprisingly good and quiet.  Unlike some of the other residents:

I did the Big Butterfly Count today, but given the number of supposedly butterfly-enticing nectar-producing plants in my garden, the number of butterflies was disappointing: one Tortoiseshell, one Small White and one Meadow Brown.   Plenty of bumble bees and hoverflies though, which I suppose is still a win.

In other garden news, I have with the help of the Victoriana Nursery determined that the Actinidia Arguta that I foolishly bought from the Thompson and Morgan catalogue was in fact a male plant.   Which is all very well for the flowers, I suppose, but it was the only actinidia arguta listed, and it was in the fruit section!  Being a boy, it's pretty useless in that department.  So I have now bought (from the Victoriana Nursery) a pair of Lady Argutas: one Actinidia Arguta Issai, which is the variety I thought I'd bought in the first place, and is self fertile, and also another wife for him, Arguta 'Jumbo'.   And I have severely cut back my boy Arguta, to make room to plant Madam Jumbo next to him.   I hope these plants will be more successful in the fruit department.

We've also been out hacking at the jungle.  There's still a great deal of jungle left, but the bonfire heap is starting to look like a young Greenwitch, so some impact is being made.

And now Rosie is squeaking at me so I'd better trot her down the lane before she breaks out into full-fledged Saluki Nose Whistle mode.
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