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Brythen is still creeping about looking somewhat woe, but he is a bit brighter. Ten days without walks is going to be... difficult, I suspect.  But at the moment he's being surprisingly good and quiet.  Unlike some of the other residents:

I did the Big Butterfly Count today, but given the number of supposedly butterfly-enticing nectar-producing plants in my garden, the number of butterflies was disappointing: one Tortoiseshell, one Small White and one Meadow Brown.   Plenty of bumble bees and hoverflies though, which I suppose is still a win.

In other garden news, I have with the help of the Victoriana Nursery determined that the Actinidia Arguta that I foolishly bought from the Thompson and Morgan catalogue was in fact a male plant.   Which is all very well for the flowers, I suppose, but it was the only actinidia arguta listed, and it was in the fruit section!  Being a boy, it's pretty useless in that department.  So I have now bought (from the Victoriana Nursery) a pair of Lady Argutas: one Actinidia Arguta Issai, which is the variety I thought I'd bought in the first place, and is self fertile, and also another wife for him, Arguta 'Jumbo'.   And I have severely cut back my boy Arguta, to make room to plant Madam Jumbo next to him.   I hope these plants will be more successful in the fruit department.

We've also been out hacking at the jungle.  There's still a great deal of jungle left, but the bonfire heap is starting to look like a young Greenwitch, so some impact is being made.

And now Rosie is squeaking at me so I'd better trot her down the lane before she breaks out into full-fledged Saluki Nose Whistle mode.


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19th Jul, 2015 20:13 (UTC)
Poor Brythen! May his quietness and goodness last long.
20th Jul, 2015 07:50 (UTC)
Apparently there was howling when I walked Rosie last night, which is very untypical of Brythen. :-/
20th Jul, 2015 01:11 (UTC)
Rosie looks smug to say the least.
20th Jul, 2015 07:49 (UTC)
Rosie loves her bed. Rosie loves being in a sunbeam. Rosie loves fried liver for lunch. Everything's coming up Rosie!
20th Jul, 2015 05:24 (UTC)
Yet I've seen many more butterflies than I did last year, particularly skippers and heaths.
20th Jul, 2015 07:48 (UTC)
We've not had the very hot weather here, it's been fairly wet. I think I've posted about the paucity of butterflies around this time of year before, only to have them all come out and groove about two weeks later, so fingers crossed that will happen again.
20th Jul, 2015 11:03 (UTC)
Yeah, we've had the really hot sun here.

This is the first year I haven't seen our local White Admirals, though.
20th Jul, 2015 05:25 (UTC)
Much love to Brythen. Poor doggie.
20th Jul, 2015 09:07 (UTC)
Poor Brythen, hope he is soon on the mend!

Rosie really does do excellent smug face :)
20th Jul, 2015 11:38 (UTC)
Only three butterflies, with all that lovely buddleia in flower? Where are they, the ingrates?

Today's the first day of the school holidays and it is of course raining, so the butterfly count here will probably be "one soggy meadow brown".

I'm glad to hear Brythen's feeling a bit brighter, poor lad. Rosie does seem to be rubbing it in a bit though...
20th Jul, 2015 11:54 (UTC)
I'm also offering a large hebe, a vast scented clematis, a selection of clover and catsears and campanula and two kinds of honeysuckle.

Maybe they have all followed the whippet and gone to the pub. I hope the pub has enough tiny tiny glasses...
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