bunn (bunn) wrote,

Arg! Bloody saluki!

Yesterday evening, I popped over the river for a quick walk in the woods.   It was going to be a quick walk, because it was starting to rain and I had other plans for the evening.

It turned out that Rosie Roo, who shall from now on be named also 'The Iniquitous Saluki', *also* had plans for the evening, and those plans were not compatible with mine.   I was there for almost three hours, listening to the sound of lurcher bells tinkling in the distance, looking for a unicorn-like glimpse of a pale lurcher shimmering through the trees, and telling Brythen what a *very* good dog he is.   At some point she lost her most recent muzzle. It was bought new in May.

I put Brythen on the lead for a bit at one point, reasoning that at least I would have one dog.  But then I thought maybe Rosie was deterred from coming back by seeing I had Brythen on the lead, so I let him off again.  Brythen then tried to follow Rosie, who was at that stage moving at incredible speed up and down a thickly wooded steep slope, searching for rabbits.  He was too slow and clumsy.  He fell over, hurt his leg, cried and had to be stood back up and comforted.   I put him back on the lead.

In the end I cornered Rosie against the lip of a precipice.  I could see her contemplating doing a Thelma and Louise leap, but she didn't quite have the nerve.

Brythen's leg seems to be quite badly bruised, so he is having a duvet day today.  And Rosie will not be going offlead again at least until the new muzzle turns up, and even then I shall have to be a lot more careful. She excels at behaving terribly well for about a month and a half, until I am lulled into a false sense of security.  And then...
Tags: dogs, lurchers

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