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Arg! Bloody saluki!

Yesterday evening, I popped over the river for a quick walk in the woods.   It was going to be a quick walk, because it was starting to rain and I had other plans for the evening.

It turned out that Rosie Roo, who shall from now on be named also 'The Iniquitous Saluki', *also* had plans for the evening, and those plans were not compatible with mine.   I was there for almost three hours, listening to the sound of lurcher bells tinkling in the distance, looking for a unicorn-like glimpse of a pale lurcher shimmering through the trees, and telling Brythen what a *very* good dog he is.   At some point she lost her most recent muzzle. It was bought new in May.

I put Brythen on the lead for a bit at one point, reasoning that at least I would have one dog.  But then I thought maybe Rosie was deterred from coming back by seeing I had Brythen on the lead, so I let him off again.  Brythen then tried to follow Rosie, who was at that stage moving at incredible speed up and down a thickly wooded steep slope, searching for rabbits.  He was too slow and clumsy.  He fell over, hurt his leg, cried and had to be stood back up and comforted.   I put him back on the lead.

In the end I cornered Rosie against the lip of a precipice.  I could see her contemplating doing a Thelma and Louise leap, but she didn't quite have the nerve.

Brythen's leg seems to be quite badly bruised, so he is having a duvet day today.  And Rosie will not be going offlead again at least until the new muzzle turns up, and even then I shall have to be a lot more careful. She excels at behaving terribly well for about a month and a half, until I am lulled into a false sense of security.  And then...



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11th Jul, 2015 09:52 (UTC)
Almost three hours?

I am impressed by how very, very bad Rosie Roo can be when she puts her mind to it.

To be fair to her, the world is teeming - positively teeming - with tiny inept bunnies at the moment. One ran into Max's mouth and got killed the other evening, poor thing. (I refuse to believe that he caught it).

I hope Brythen feels better for his day off.
11th Jul, 2015 15:29 (UTC)
She is a very VERY BAD DOG. But there's no point telling her. She would probably take that as a compliment. :-/

Given the number of bunnies, and the extreme speed and specialism of the Rosie, and the fact that she lost her muzzle quite some time before she allowed me to get close enough to catch her, you would think that this would be a recipe for Bunny Carnage, but no. So far as I can tell, she did not catch a single bun.

The only time she's caught something, she brought it to me, so I suspect her of deliberately not catching them lest she should have to deliver it, and end her spell of freedom...
13th Jul, 2015 07:51 (UTC)
Oh the utter frustration of a dog that WONT come back. I admire your tenacity, I fear I might have just sat down and wept.
And losing kit... the number of collars my deeries have lost, because the head is smaller than the neck...now I buy cheapo supermarket ones, so at least I am not so sorry.
Guinny loves to chase deer, but only if they are a long way away, she doesn't want to risk actually catching one.
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