bunn (bunn) wrote,

A visit to Minas Tirith

I have painted a picture of myself in a dream.  Sometimes my pretentiousness astounds even me.

I dreamed that I went on holiday to modern Gondor.

Minas Tirith is, of course, very much a ruin by now, and you can't even see where Osgiliath was: it's all farmland along the Anduin now.  Most people live in the new cities down on the coast, safely away from the area of seismic activity around the mountain that was once named Mount Doom.

But you can still see the remains of the First Wall, shattered by long-ago earthquakes, and climb up the hill on which the City of Kings  once stood.  Here and there along the path that winds through the scrub up the hill you can still see a place where there was once a floor, or find the outline of a building or a piece of worked stone that might be a window-arch or a doorframe.   I and the hounds went up to near the top, and I did some drawing while they looked for rabbits.

In real life there is no way they would be off the lead so high up and probably I would not sit that close to the edge either!  But apparently there is no vertigo when you are on dream-holiday.
Tags: acrylics, arty stuff, dream

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