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Haleth in Thargelion

Haleth and her people in the last desperate days of the siege, trapped inside a stockade in the wilderness by an army of orcs. The orcs had killed Haleth's father Haldad and her brother Haldar and many of their people, and Haleth was left to lead the final defence.

Soon after this, Caranthir son of Fëanor and a force of Noldorin Elves will come unexpectedly to their rescue, and everyone will be saved!

I love this story.It's only a couple of lines in the Silmarillion, but there are so many excellent things about it:
1) Haleth being awesome

2) The fact that Haleth's father is actually called 'Haldad' :-D Haldad! You can imagine the infant Haldad at birth: his parents look at him dubiously.
Father, looking unimpressed : "Well, I doubt he'll amount to much, what shall we call him?"
Mother, looking on the bright side: "I grant you that he's unpromising, but I have this feeling he's going to have this amazing daughter!"
Father, cheering up: "Oh yes, and she'll probably be called Haleth. We should include this important fact in his name!"
Mother : "Excellent. Haldad then. Short for Haleth's Dad".

3) Caranthir coming heroically to the rescue at the last minute! Sons of Fëanor almost never get to be successful and heroic! Particularly not sons of Fëanor that start with 'C'.

Painting this made me think about orcs.It's interesting how easy it is to make them look weird and creepy, just by switching some of the red in a normal paleish skin tone to a grey-blue.   I wonder though if it would be worth trying to paint orcs with 'normal' skin tones?  I suppose the risk there is making them look too much like people...
Orcs in Lord of the Rings are a bit rubbish, with badly-fitting heavy armour and shoes that fall to bits on a long march and heavy awkward weapons.  But early orcs like these seem to be much more effective as a fighting force.  One reason might be that Morgoth keeps taking Noldor prisoner and keeping them hard at work in Angband.  After the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Morgoth's Orcs might well be better armed than most of the remaining Elves in Beleriand.   But that's quite a bit later than this.

I think probably having a sword, a shield and a mailshirt would be a high status thing for the Haladin though, even if the Orcs are not much better armed than they are.  The poor guy with the black beard has only got a spear.
Tags: acrylics, arty stuff, noldor, tolkien

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