bunn (bunn) wrote,

I may love my backups a little too much. I find it hard to let go.

The server and local PC backups are automated, of course.  But deleting them isn't, which causes me Issues.

One location my backup are stored at (I  have three lots of backups, each on a separate server belonging to a dfferent company) is on Amazon's S3 servers, at their Ireland datacentre*.  This service charges by volume of data stored.  So yesterday I was sitting there staring at the pile of lovely backups from April (each one a golden second chance to avert disaster or idiocy! Who cannot love a second chance???)

And I was thinking: probably I don't need 5 complete backups of absolutely everything from April. If I delete these, I will save money, and still have May and June. BUT WHAT IF SOMETHING AWFUL HAPPENED IN MAY OR JUNE THAT I'VE NOT YET DISCOVERED???

In the end I deleted all but one of April.  I also have a full backup from March, and January still lurking. This may be a form of hoarding.  Or it may just be prudence.  I can't tell.

*fortunately, you can pick which datacentre you use, so I use the Irish one so I don't have to export data outside the EU, which legally I think I am not supposed to do.  Although I'm not entirely confident that the routing of the data always stays inside the EU, and I don't see how you could be 100% confident of that, I think routing just takes the fastest route which presumably from the UK to Ireland is usually inside the EU, but might conceiveably pass through the East coast USA at some point?  I try not to worry about that though.  I am doing my best, and I'm pretty sure most small business websites have no idea where their data is geographically.
Tags: hosting, internet, probably overthinking, technology, work

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