bunn (bunn) wrote,

Fëanor and the Balrogs

I decided to Paint All the Things and not fret too much about how they look in photographs.  One art form at a time!   You can pretty much see what's going on here, although perhaps not the brownish evil clouds over Thangorodrim that hide the stars.

I wanted to give Fëanor armour that would look a bit different to the standard movie-elf armour, because after all, Fëanor's armour is thousands of years earlier than Lord of the Rings, you wouldn't expect him to wear the same armour that they do.  So, this is armour (and stance) inspired by a photo from the reinactment group, The New Varangian Guard, in Australia.

Only later did it occur to me that if there is one person who could quite reasonably be given ridiculous Fantasy Elf armour, all over spikes and crests and twiddly bits, it is Fëanor.  Because Feanor's armour was the first armour ever invented, and he invented it with the intention of impressing and alarming, rather than with an actual war in mind.  Depending on whether you think he was expecting to be able to get away with stealing the Teleri ships at Alqualondë, he may not even have worn it in a battle before this one.

Oh well. Maybe if I paint Fëanor again, I will paint him wearing something a bit more Warhammer :-D
Tags: arty stuff, noldor, tolkien
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