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The unimaginable hand and mind of Feanor at work, while both the White Tree and the Golden were in flower...

Gandalf mentions Feanor at work in Tirion, but I reason that to make a silmaril, he probably would need to work near the trees too, and would probably be using some sort of vaguely lens-like tools rather than hammers and things...

Tolkien's description of Telperion and Laurelin is hard to draw. Beech leaves, green above, silver below, and flowers that are like cherryblossom, but also big enough to produce a single bloom and single fruit that could become the sun and moon?  Eek!   i have added some ox-eye daisies as well, just because I like ox-eye daisies...

I think if you click for the bigger version it actually looks reasonable, but I still can't get the photograph quite right (I took 36 photos, they are all wrong!): the colours are not quite right even when adjusted, his face is a bit yellow and the tip of his nose merges into the background, the camera has entirely lost the highlight on his nose-tip - yet at the same time the edges of the highlighting on his cheeks are too harsh.   Plus of course you can't see the gold shining - the real version has lots of quite subtle gold highlights that move as you walk past it, which I like.


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26th Jun, 2015 20:06 (UTC)
That's very good.

You have talked about white balance, but have you tried different sorts of lighting? Outdoors, either in sun, or in shade / overcast? With flash / highlights?
26th Jun, 2015 20:19 (UTC)
I tried inside, outside, and overcast / shade. I haven't tried full sun, that's worth a try, I'll give that a go next time I paint something...

I don't have a flash or other lighting, normally that's not the sort of photography I do so I don't have the kit... The smaller A4 images I guess I could try on a scanner next time I make one, but this is a big A2 size painting, so it would be too big.

Oh well!
26th Jun, 2015 20:21 (UTC)
You could also try a desk lamp or two directed onto the painting.
27th Jun, 2015 09:08 (UTC)
That's amazing.
I like the idea of the lenses a lot!
27th Jun, 2015 14:47 (UTC)
Oh good, I'm glad you like it!

It's difficult to imagine Noldorin tools, isn't it? Their technology is clearly very much concerned with light so lenses seem natural. Maybe even fibre-optics.

27th Jun, 2015 15:11 (UTC)
I like the idea of them having fibre optics. Training crystals to grow in long, thin lines, maybe. Of course, it would take millennia; but they've *got* millennia.

Edited at 2015-06-27 15:12 (UTC)
29th Jun, 2015 22:36 (UTC)
Oh wow, that's great! Love it.
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