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Boats on the Sirannon

"Do you remember how we used to take little boats down the Sirannon, all the way from Khazad Dum to Ost-in-Edhil?

You could only do it in late spring, when the stream was not too fierce with snow-melt, but there was enough water to get by.

You'd stay at the West-gate, in those funny little guest rooms they use to have near the Doors,  right by the gate-stream, so you could hear the water running all night through the rock.

Then you'd get up early in the morning when the mist was still filling the valley before the walls.  As the boats went down the stream, the morning light would come up through the mist and you'd start to see the red rocks and sand and the path, and then as you came out from the shadow of the mountain-walls the green lands would open up either side, full of holly trees and spring grass, and the larks would be singing over the rush of the water. "

inspired by We're Sorry Celebrimbor Month
It's difficult to draw small faces with fat sticks of pastels so I'm not too embarrassed by these, although the dwarf on the second-to-last canoe does rather look as though he's wearing a fake beard (Actually, maybe she's a lady dwarf?).  I think Celebrimbor, at the front of the first boat with a paddle, has just made a slightly risque joke to the two lady elves in the front right boat that is rather too close to the shore, hence the slight blush from the elf wearing blue.

Those two lady elves were supporters of Caranthir who were captured and worked as thralls in Angband.  They were freed after the War of Wrath, and decided to stay in Middle Earth and then go to Eregion with Celebrimbor rather than to Valinor because of their long friendship with the Dwarves of Belegost.   I don't know the backstories for the other Elves, although I think that might be Narvi in the back of Celebrimbor's boat.  Like a sensible dwarf, he has chosen to wear a helmet just in case the boat capsizes on the rocks in the Sirannon.

Incidentally, this is a better photo: I'm not sure if that's just that it's easier to photograph pastels, or if my fiddling with settings worked.  Unfortunately, I had assumed that all the setting details would be saved in the Exif data of the photo and they weren't.   I know I took some photos in portrait and landscape mode though, and also experimented with changing the white balance settings in a number of ways, and this was one where I'd changed the white balance away from the default.  Next time I must take notes.


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24th Jun, 2015 17:17 (UTC)
I do like the colouring, and the expressions.

However, you have given me an earworm. ("Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Hollin.") Sadly - that's "sadly" in the sense of "thankfully" - my half-hearted attempts to carry on with the filk are scuppered by my inability to come up with an appropriate name to fit into the "and on the way back I cuddled with Jack" line.
24th Jun, 2015 19:16 (UTC)
This can only be a good thing, but knowing you, I suspect it of being only temporary until the rhyme comes to you... ;-D
27th Jun, 2015 08:01 (UTC)
And back to Rivendell, I cuddled with Bill*

No, it doesn't really work

*The pony
27th Jun, 2015 08:07 (UTC)
Poor Bill Ferny! No cuddles for him. Perhaps that's why he turned to Saruman... :-D
27th Jun, 2015 01:43 (UTC)
Ohh, I love the little story, and the art! Did the Elven ladies begin as art and then become characters, or vice versa?
27th Jun, 2015 08:43 (UTC)
They became characters as I drew them, I think... I was trying to work out why so many of the Noldor decided to stay in Middle Earth rather than go to Valinor after the War of Wrath: clearly there were enough Noldor in Eregion to build a fairly successful and prosperous economy, although no doubt their high level of technology helped there.

I suppose there would be an element of personal loyalty to the House of Feanor, but there's nothing to suggest that Celebrimbor had much of a personal following until Eregion was established, so that didn't seem enough.

I can see that some of them (like my roleplaying character Angruin) might find return to Valinor a tad embarrassing (Relatives of all those people you killed looking reprovingly at you while you buy your shopping! Maybe even buying your shopping from someone you last saw dying under your attack! :-D).

But then I thought, what does Middle Earth have that Valinor doesn't? Well, more space, Men, Dwarves.

It seems to make sense if some of the Feanorian Noldor preferred the idea of Dwarf neighbours to Teleri, specially Celegorm's people. And it seems there were a lot of Noldorin thralls in Angband, presumably many of them would have been Feanorian...

I was trying to work out where Celebrimbor was between the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and the War of Wrath, and wondering if he was a thrall. Pp felt this would be Mentioned if it had happened, but given the state of Beleriand at the end of the First age, surely some of the Noldor in Eregion had been thralls of Morgoth? And so on...
29th Jun, 2015 04:31 (UTC)
But then I thought, what does Middle Earth have that Valinor doesn't? Well, more space, Men, Dwarves.

And no paternalistic Valar monitoring everyone. =D

I would also tend to think that Celebrimbor being a thrall in Angband would merit a Mention on the Professor's part, although since nothing definitively places him elsewhere at the time, IMO it's fair game (poor guy)!
2nd Jul, 2015 06:58 (UTC)
Nice! I like the description of the early morning scene--in the painting the morning light is coming through the mist? And the friendliness of it.
2nd Jul, 2015 08:12 (UTC)
Yes, the light is coming through the mist : shit was one of my reference photos, I love the way that the colours are all gold and browns... http://www.timirvin.com/wp-content/uploads/Heidi_Coulonge3.jpg
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