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random tooth and cat notes

My top left next-to-back tooth is aching a bit. I thought at first I'd jarred it cracking hazelnuts, but it doesn't seem to be going away. Drattitude. I may actually have to go to a dentist.

Took Java Cat to the vet yesterday, as she is looking even thinner and mankier than usual, and I'd found a leaflet on hyperthyroidism in old cats which had a description that sounded exactly like her.

Vet prodded her a bit, and said he thought February's diagnosis of liver cancer was probably correct as the liver 'felt knobbly' and he couldn't feel enlarged thyroid glands. He consented to do yet another blood test to check. Bet it comes back inconclusive: Java's always do.

We could have her opened up to check the liver, but apparently the chances of them being able to do anything about it are extremely small, so there doesn't seem much point. She is still wiry and active as ever, just a bit shrivelled and very skinny. (note to self: check that Java does not have a Great Ring concealed in her bedding to eliminate possibility that she is turning into Gollum).

She has started slipping off things, and not jumping quite so accurately: vet thinks her muscle tone is going because she is so thin. Mind you, she caught and ate a vole within half an hour of getting home, so she is by no means an invalid yet. And though she is going downhill, she is going slowly and fighting all the way. Well done Java, keep it up!

Had an email from a rescue today to say they have now rehomed all their oldies to people enquiring from the Oldies Club site, apart from one, and that they have been amazed by the response, even for dogs that seemed almost unhomeable. We immediately resolved that we must find a home for the remaining one, to give us a clean sweep! Not sure how yet. Anyway, all very cheering.

I'm trying to take some photos around the theme 'weather' for a little photo comp. Of course, this has instantly produced a mix of brilliant sunshine, interspersed with thick fogs. You'd think there would be photo potential in fog...

Foggy trees

A Fogweb

And a Fogdog


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