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Rosie Roo

I am taking Rosie Roo to the vet tomorrow.I am worried that she is still so very nervous, her reactions to other dogs seemed to be getting worse, and there had been some incidents where she has reacted by barking and growling at people too. Her hair was coming out in handfuls, she has bald thighs and she is often reluctant to eat. When she does eat, I have to be careful she doesn't eat too much in case she is sick. I weighed her 21st May, and she was 20.3Kg then, but I think she's lost some weight since then.

Of course, since I made the appointment, she has stopped shedding, is eating more happily and hasn't been sick once. None the less, I'm thinking of asking for a thyroid function test. She's not overweight (anything but!) and sighthounds tend to have low thyroid figures anyway, but some of the symptoms seem to point in that direction. Behaviour in particular, but also energy: she does sleep a lot - on the other hand, she is a lurcher, they have a reputation for sleep! Skin looks healthy enough, although she has black blotches on her tummy. She does feel the cold - but then she has very little hair and is thin as a rake.

Well, I shall have to see what the vet thinks.

Sometimes, Rosie Roo spurns my home made liver cake.  But not today.

This was when the liver cake had just come out of the oven and was warm and smelled of garlic. She does have an appetite sometimes...
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