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Very small blooms while dogs go boing

At the moment the dogs do not want to go for a walk on the hill.  What they want to do is stare intently at a gorsebush while wagging.

After a while, they leap over the gorse bush and stare equally intently at the other side of it.  While wagging.  This can go on for hours.

I let them get on with it and lay on my stomach, entertaining myself by taking photos of micro-flowers in the grass with my phone.

I don't know what this is.  Each tiny purple flower was perhaps at most 2mm long.

The yellow flower is a tormentil. but I'm not sure about the very minute starry flower-head towering over it.

I love this minute blue flower. You can barely see it if you wander around towering 5-6 feet above the ground.  The best viewing point is for it to be about 5 inches from your nose.


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6th Jun, 2015 22:57 (UTC)
I'm very partial to the blue flower.
8th Jun, 2015 10:10 (UTC)
It is a tiny wonder. Such a brilliant blue.
7th Jun, 2015 08:22 (UTC)
LOL at the hounds staring intently into gorsebushes - "There be something in the prickles..." They need a spaniel friend to flush it out.

I think the purple and the blue flowers are Milkwort - it comes in a bewildering variety of colours & has tiny udders! But the little white stars I've not come across before. Maybe something in the same family as Field Madder?
8th Jun, 2015 10:09 (UTC)

I knew I'd looked them up before, and I had a vague feeling that the purple and blues were the same plant - but they looked so different, not just in colour, but in form!

The tiny white thing is so much smaller than field madder (max height maybe an inch at most), and very full of flowers, it makes cushions like a stonecrop, only the flowers are wrong for that. I will have to take more photos and pay closer attention to the leaves so I can look it up properly.
7th Jun, 2015 10:26 (UTC)
What lovely flowers, thank you for sharing them. :-)
7th Jun, 2015 10:33 (UTC)
What sally_maria said.
8th Jun, 2015 12:45 (UTC)
White flowers may be "Galium saxatile".
8th Jun, 2015 12:55 (UTC)
I don't *think* so - it is so very small, max height about an inch if that. It may be another, related Galium though
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