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Good things; bad things

Bad things
Had to work till 3:30am this morning doing more final final fixes than planned to get a new website live.
Had to work more doing further final tweaks as soon as I got up again at half nine

Good things:
- Pp did lots of the testing and documentation, which reduced the stress of the whole thing considerably.
- Website now live! And I think is looking good. Dartmoor Accommodation <- for it is here!
- Website can be billed for!
- Customer emailled us to send a HUGE THANK YOU for the work!
- Rang up other customer I was supposed to be meeting this afternoon, to beg for mercy, and he was lovely and said 'get some sleep' :-D

Bad things
Still have 2 huge hairy horrible bits of work that absolutely must be working VERY SOON, one of them by Tuesday, plus one more tiddler.
Friday evening is looking unlikely
Weekend is looking unlikely
lawn desperately needs mowing, appears to be about to rise up and eat house
My poor car Helga Saab is turning from silver to green in large patches.
https://www.rescuetime.com/ keeps making observations about how I should take a break, then making further unhelpful observations about how I worked even longer yesterday.

Good things
Sun was shining this morning on our solar panels, making 1.5kwhr at 9am!
Took dogs for long long walk through bluebell woods when I finally gave up on working at lunchtime.
Rescuetime says my productivity today is 94%! Or it was until I started writing this post anyway.
Who knew you could grow things on a car?
I am about to give up and take a nap.


ETA more Bad things
Rosie Roo refusing to eat sardines in tomato ketchup, shredded chicken or cat biscuits for breakfast
dropping the tin of spurned sardines in tomato ketchup and spraying the walls as if some fish-murderer had gone spectacularly insane

Good things walls now a lot cleaner than they were, due to need to wipe off ketchup from everywhere.



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16th May, 2015 06:20 (UTC)
Congratulations on the live website and the grateful customer and the possibility of payment!

Commmiserations on the necessity of 94 per cent productivity and the sardines-in-tomato-ketchup containment-field failure.

It is so very dry. How can things possibly be growing on your car? Are you watering it?
16th May, 2015 09:12 (UTC)
Hah! On the banks of the mighty River Tamar, the curious locals have a thousand words for 'damp', as a result of the inordinate amount of mist which hangs over that river.

They have only one word for 'dry' which is used exclusively in in the 'wistful' tense.

I have had seedlings germinating in the window rubbers before now, but at present it is merely swathes of moss that are forming on the roof. I really should wash the poor thing.

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