bunn (bunn) wrote,

Port Eliot Dog Festival

Brythen and I volunteered to help out on the Greyhound Rescue West of England stall at the Port Eliot Dog Festival.   It was quite a relaxed sort of event, and despite my fears after a dampish morning, the sun shone.

I wondered later if I should have taken my courage in both hands and brought Rosie for dog-meeting practice, allthough I am not sure that she could have managed the job of dogging a stand without hysteria.

In theory it's a dogs on leads event.  In practice, there were lots of dogs... wandering, even around the main festival and the Whippet Teaparty, and even more dogs having fun around the grounds.  And it was fine.

Brythen was a bit worried about flies, so I'm not sure if I will volunteer to dog a stall with him again.  He might prefer to just have a wander and then bound about in the grounds.
Tags: dogs

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