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If anyone out there happens to be thinking of making liver cake dog treats, runs out of porridge oats and thinks, hey, the end of this bag of coconut flour has been kicking around for ages, let's use that : DON'T.  It will gum up your liquidiser.   TAKE WARNING.   It remains to be seen if the dogs will eat the coconutty treats.

I am feeling slightly under the weather in that way that produces very clear lucid multisensory nightmares.  Night before last it was a sort of horror movie futuristic prison ship,  last night it was Apocalypse, folllowed by the considerable embarrassment and nervousness that ensues when it turns out that the apocalypse is rather more localised than one had realised, and now there's a headless corpse in the back of the car and what on earth to do with it???

Still don't know who to vote for.  It's probably between Conservative and Lib Dem in my consistuency.  Labour don't have a hope and I don't want to vote for them and their deeply dubious Scottish National Party alliance anyway, I don't think the Greens are anywhere near being a serious party with workable principles.

Probably going Lib Dem, on the grounds that we could do with more people who are prepared to make practical compromises based on the realities in front of them and work with people they don't like rather than throw tantrums when they inevitably don't get all they want.   Only I'm not sure about some of their policies.  Bah. Maybe I should go Mebyon Kernow, and vote to enrich the entertaining diversity of Westminster.


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7th May, 2015 07:32 (UTC)
I like the idea of a very localised apocalypse. It sounds like a cross between Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead: small inward-looking village that doesn't like incomers deals with hideous apocalypse, never even bothering to ask if the world outside is dealing with it, too. Finally, after 800 pages of doom and struggle, the rugged band of survivors settle down to rebuild the world... only for an outsider from the village 2 miles away to wander in, and reveal that the rest of the world has continued unchanged.

Come to think of it, I can see that sort of apocalypse happening here, too - although during the darkest days, many people would express the strong suspicion that the Mainland was getting a much better apocalypse than we were, and it's not fair.

Anyway, I hope you managed to dispose of the headless corpse with minumum embarrassment.

I've no idea who to vote for! I know who I don't want to in our constituency, but I've no idea which of the more or less palatable candidates has the best chance of stopping them. I might need to get a set of polyhedral dice involved, and start drawing up tables. If nothing else, it would be interesting to roll a critical fumble in the voting booth, just to see what happens.
7th May, 2015 20:51 (UTC)
It was exactly like a Hot Fuzz / Shaun of the Dead crossover!

Actually, you and Pellinor were in it in a minor role, morris-dancing innocently in the distance to drive home the fact that clearly the apocalypse had not reached *this* village, while I tried to conceal the embarrassing fact that I had a severed head in a shopping bag and was driving a stolen car that had previously belonged to the owner of the head. :-oooo
7th May, 2015 15:47 (UTC)
LOL at the Apocalypse / social embarrassment dream...

Much more exciting than the dreary anxiety dream I had last night, in which I had parked the car somewhere in town and could not remember where, and spent the night wandering the streets looking for it.
7th May, 2015 20:52 (UTC)
Oh that's just annoying. Start decapitating people in your dreams. I'm sure they don't really mind :-D
7th May, 2015 22:35 (UTC)
"Labour don't have a hope and I don't want to vote for them and their deeply dubious Scottish National Party alliance anyway"

Eh? I thought that they had disavowed any such thing and that only the Tories & minion press were making a thing of it
7th May, 2015 22:55 (UTC)
Their choices : Lab / Lib Dem, probably not going to be enough Lib Dems. Lab/UKIP : might reflect what many UKIP voters defecting from Labour want, but I can't see the Lab leadership being prepared to do it. That leaves Lab/SNP and if Lab had a reasonable majority with the SNP, I flatly do not believe they would step aside for a minority Conservative-led alliance or refuse to form a government, even if they don't formally make a pact with the SNP.

Of course there could be a majority Labour government, but I have no confidence that the current Labour party can find their bottoms with both hands, so I am really hoping not.
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