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I found this, with a little irony, in one of my email inboxes this morning : Why can't we read any more?

It doesn't say anything new, of course, but it encapsulates a problem I've had, and so have you probably.  Email. Usenet. Web based forums. Lj.  Twitter. Facebook.   I have got  a great deal out of all of it, of course, and have learned a great deal.  But I have also spent way too much of my time sucked into things that don't matter, getting cross about things I can't change and focussing on things that don't leave me feeling I've achieved much.

The only thing I can't agree with in that blog is that it presents books as an alternative to this, and I don't honestly think they are.  Books for me are subject to exactly the same addictive behaviour.  I can remember my parents in the 70's talking about the guilty pleasure of 'committing book' - ie getting sunk into a book when you should really be getting on with something else.

Book addiction is like nothing else for keeping me up till 3am on a workday to find out what happened, and what's more, it's not always the thrill of the new that compels attention either.  I am re-reading Lord of the Rings at the moment, and trust me, this is not because I don't know the plot.  It's because I started idly fitting things together in my head in a slightly different way, and found that I needed to refresh my memory of the Silmarillion, and damnit, before I knew it I had reread that and Unfinished tales and had rummaged in the Appendices.

And now here I am, one more time, watching Boromir grumble about Moria in the fading grey evening light of Hollin after the attempt to scale the Redhorn Gate has failed.  I have no idea why we're here again, having lost count long ago of the number of times I've been here before.  Apparently my brain is enjoying it?  Brains are so strange.

In another mailbox this morning, my weekly report from https://www.rescuetime.com/, which is a service I've started to use which logs which applications and websites I use and allows me to set targets.   Apparently in the last week I spent 3 hours 44 minutes on Facebook - slightly more than I spent on email.  Which would not be too bad if it were true, but actually that report is only for my laptop that I use mostly for work, not Pp's desktop machine that I tend to slump in front of while drinking coffee in the morning, so that is a hideous underestimate.

And way, way too much time that I could have been spending re-reading Lord of the Rings for the nth time.  Must Do Better Bunn.
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