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A random update...
Walk along the canal in Tavistock this morning : a dull grey day after all the blue skies recently, but I love seeing the reflections of the new green beech-leaves in the canal, and the bluebells are just starting to bloom too.   Met a pair of lanky young Red Setters which reminded me that although Brythen can be quite gormless, there are depths of gormlessness to be plumbed that are way beyond his league.   Rosie growled a little at them but was not too grumpy, chalk up two more on the socialisation scale.

Then into town to the cheese shop and the new ice-cream parlour by the pannier market.  Lots more dog-ignoring practice around town for Rosie Roo, and ice-cream for us.  We were out for about three and a half hours, and now it is raining, so I have decided that we can do without an evening walk.  We did some clicker training instead, which they seem to enjoy.  Rosie Roo is getting very good at 'High Five!' and quite good at 'High Ten!' but still can't lie down on command.  She tends to fling her front end flat on the floor dramatically, but forget that her back legs are still standing up.  Brythen can do sit, down, stay, away to your mat and high five, but is uncertain about the balancing act required for 'high ten'.

This afternoon I made meringues (for no good reason, except that I remembered recently that I really like home made meringues) and then tackled the greenhouse.   Foolishly, I bought some seeds  in a fit of enthusiasm last week, so now I have to try to make space for them... somehow.  The greenhouse is mostly full of strawberries, which is excellent in its way but leaves no room for anything else.  Now it only contains strawberries though, not strawberries-and-random-volunteers, which is an improvement, and also I have thoroughly watered and fed with tomato feed.

The seeds I would like to fit in there are basil seeds and physalis. I should be able to get the basil into pots, but the physalis needs to go into a bed. Hum.
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